Wendys Application


Wendys Application

Submitting a Wendys application online is the easiest way to apply for a job at Wendy’s. Before you start to fill out the form, you need to choose the desired position, state, and city. They are likely to have multiple positions open at their different locations in that city. Once you choose the location, you will see the “Apply Now” button on their site. The next step is to register at their site and create a new account. Just input your username, password, and email address (they say that they prefer to communicate with their applicants via email). Next, you will be asked to enter a security question and answer. Finally, you will need to accept their privacy agreement. Now you are all done and ready to fill out the application.

The work application requires the candidate to fill out the following sections: Personal Information, Candidate Questionnaire, General Employment Questions, Availability, Work or Volunteer (Unpaid), Experience, Assessment, Background Check Information, Acknowledgement, and Summary. Once you fill out the application, you can submit it to one or multiple Wendys locations and start waiting for replies.

Once inside your account, you will see a link to the “Job Search” page. At the moment (late 2012) I see that there are 1200+ jobs currently available within their organization.

The application in its current form (2012) cannot be downloaded or printed out. It’s not a pdf anymore. Furthermore, you cannot proceed to the next step of the form if you did not fill out the previous step. However, I still like their new online job search and application system much more than before.

Now that you know the basics of how to fill out Wendys application online, here is the link that you need to start the process described above: http://www.wendys.com/careers/